German store chain uses Salesforce to perfect the customer experience

Learn how a variety of Salesforce products can help shape tailored customer experiences.

In partnership with Nextview Consulting

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The client is a German DIY home improvement store chain. It is a forward-looking family-managed company with a clear system of values, such as honesty, credibility, reliability, clarity, and trust in people.
The company has a distinct B2B focus and wants to expand into the Dutch market aiming to open 15 locations there.
To achieve it, the company partnered up with Nextview.

Challenges of entering the Dutch market

The Dutch market is large and very competitive, so the company aims to create the best possible customer experience from the get-go. The company wants to base its client interactions on its core values.
That means implementing such requirements as:

  • “all-in-one invoice” functionality; 
  • clear record of all purchases and payments;
  • convenience of the purchase process;
  • account transparency;
  • payment reminders and control;
  • easy signing-up procedure and onboarding;
  • customer communication and feedback.
Clouds & Technologies


Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement)

Pardot Experience  Studio

Experience Cloud

Company.Info Package

FinDock Package

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