Complicated Company Merger Made Easy With Customized Software Upgrade

A German-based technology giant integrates a smaller company Salesforce platform into its business ecosystem


Redtag is excited to collaborate with a significant European industrial conglomerate and a prominent maker of a wide variety of electronic equipment, from household appliances and medical tools to transportation and industrial machines.
Our client employed approximately 300.000 specialists worldwide with a reported revenue of 62 billion euros in 2021.
The company has grown from a telegraph communication provider in the 19th century to a manufacturer of high-speed trains, aerospace systems, and gas turbines.
This industrial giant heavily relies on automation and CRM systems to sustain complex business processes, process orders, communicate with various customers, and manage all employees, empowering them with convenient, cutting-edge technologies to achieve the best possible results.

The company bought a smaller firm, Mentor Graphics - a prominent player in the industrial software niche, scientific research, and construction.
The merger gave both parties more opportunities for collaboration and a broader scope of project types to tackle.
On the other hand, the two companies faced new challenges, using slightly different software, yet have much in common.
Mentor Graphics demanded to adjust the new integral software to follow their requirements and align with their business logic.
At this point, we received a proposal to configure this new Salesforce platform and set up its integration with SAP, Financial Force, and MuleSoft in a way suitable for both companies.

The solution is synergy

Redtag worked in close collaboration with a client’s project managers and held meetings to approve each new feature or change, taking into account the opinions of different departments.
Our team had to be careful not to disrupt the existing platform and the data in storage. We started our work on improving the clients' partially useable but legacy-type old software.
Our developers adjusted this software to boost its performance and achieve maximum compatibility with new tools and systems, removing redundant features and functions.
Besides development and optimization, we educated their team and executives on the new system and its benefits and explained why these changes are necessary and beneficial for the company.

We implemented several new features and opportunities. There is a brief list of significant improvements and the work we did:

  • a new solution design and architecture;
  • enhanced productivity tracking system;
  • a better Salesforce and SAP integration;
  • a bridge between components is the MuleSoft system;
  • integral and unified database, which was scattered before on different platforms.

Our developers got a thorough consultation from the company’s PMs and teams.
We broke down the business processes and did our research to improve the task tracking and productivity reporting system.
This is the new logic we created:

  • an employee inputs information on completed tasks into the system;
  • the system processes the data;
  • the employee proves the completed tasks with some documentation. Then managers confirm the reports;
  • reports on the completed tasks are fed into the SAP platform.
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