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CRM (customer relationship management) software is now a must-have for companies of all kinds, primarily consulting firms, whose success depends on effective interactions with their clients and understanding their needs completely. Effective business software can help consultants handle client pipelines, simplify communication, and make more money. Choosing the one that fits your needs and budget can take time and effort. When deciding on your CRM subscription plan, it's crucial to consider features, price, reviews, and scalability. In this piece, we'll look at the best tools for consultants and discuss the pros and cons of each. Learn about Redtag - a Salesforce consulting and implementation company to help you make the most of your company software. Get a clear plan for choosing the right product to manage your organization.

Why Consulting Firms Need to Have a CRM System

The key to your success as a consultant is how well you treat your clients. A CRM system can ensure you never miss a message from a client or forget an appointment. Read more reasons below.

Salesforce can effectively manage customer relationships and communication with a complete view of your clients' profiles. With a mobile app, you can stay connected and responsive. 
Organizing contact details, company information, and communication history in one centralized location helps avoid duplication or inconsistencies. Create custom fields and objects to meet your business needs, and set workflow automation to help ensure data accuracy and consistency.
Salesforce helps teams work together since it provides a central place to talk.
When you leverage Salesforce, you boost sales and revenue with powerful tools and analytics that handle the pipeline better and close deals faster.
The platform automates tasks and provides important insights to make choices based on data to increase profits.

Let’s discover the key features, pros, cons, and pricing of Salesforce and other popular products for consultants. The system shows you new growth opportunities and aspects to be improved. We'll discuss choosing the best CRM subscription plan for your consulting business, considering primary reviews.

Put all your customer databases in one robust CRM system - it is easier for people on the same team to collaborate and share important information. Salesforce is cutting-edge software that can supercharge your consulting business. An effective sales process automation and valuable insights into your sales pipeline help you make more money.

How to choose your CRM

Check out the crucial factors when selecting a CRM system and discover all benefits. As Salesforce consultants, we can help you find the right solution for your business needs. Salesforce is one of the most popular platforms for consulting companies that improve pipelines, leverage powerful analytics and a wide range of integrations. At Redtag, we can help you find the best tools for your business.


Think about features and functions that can enhance your processes and customer relationships.


Choose a product with the necessary functionality that is reasonably priced for your business.


The platform lives to its fullest potential if your team knows how to use it well. Salesforce has a comfortable layout that is easy to navigate and customize.


Your system should be able to work with other tools, like email marketing platforms, financial software, and project management tools.


Choose a CRM platform with reliable 24/7 customer service.




Salesforce is the Best System for Consulting Firms

Salesforce has served companies since 1999 – one of the most in-demand CRM platforms in the world. It has helpful features and powerful tools for managing customer interactions.

Salesforce perfectly fits consulting firms that want to streamline processes. It automates sales, offers powerful analytics, and grows with your business.

It works perfectly with marketing automation software, social media platforms, and customer service tools. Companies can improve efficiency and save time and money by integrating it into their tech stack.

The system has garnered many good reviews and customer success stories, since many consulting firms saw sales and income skyrocketing. 

Do you want a complete, customizable, scalable CRM system to streamline your operations, grow revenue, and retain customers? As an implementation company, Redtag can help you make the most of it.

Redtag: Your Salesforce consulting and implementation partner

The system can deliver automation and process optimization, so consulting companies should try it. With Salesforce, businesses can also handle and enhance customer services. The Redtag team will configure Marketing Cloud adjusted for your needs. Being more productive and efficient makes it easier for teams to work together and streamline their operations. To achieve this, we conduct custom Slack integration for smooth interaction with your clients.

At Redtag, we embrace the full Salesforce potential to help companies undergo digital transformation and process automation. Our team of experts is committed to assisting companies to use the power of the platform to improve their workflow efficiency and scale up the tech stack accordingly. Contact us today to learn how we can supercharge your organization with advanced cloud technology.


See all your customer interactions in one place.


Treat them in a personalized way and build long-lasting connections. 


With advanced analytics, reporting, and customizable dashboards, you can see your sales and conversion, make better decisions, and grow.


The mobile-first approach allows companies to instantly check their data and processes from anywhere on any device. 











Consulting firms often leverage Salesforce to deliver exceptional client experiences, effortlessly collect valuable data, and unlock new opportunities for innovation and scaling by adopting cloud-based CRM technologies and tools. You can harness the digital potential to revolutionize the workflow, scale your impact, and reach your most ambitious goals.

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How can CRM systems benefit consulting companies' client management?

CRM for consulting business effectively manages customer relationships and communication.

What features are included in CRM systems for consulting firms?

CRM for small consulting business provides functionalities to increase profit.

Can CRM systems improve business development for consulting companies?

Best CRM for small consulting business enhances business growth.


Service Pricing Best for
Quick Start on request Foundation for digital transformation in a month with the basic Salesforce functionality.
Solution design and implementation on request The service addresses all of CRM needs, whether it's developing a full Salesforce solution, configuring a specific cloud or making quick adjustments to existing functionality.
Managed Services on request Ideal for companies of any size looking to constantly improve their Salesforce platform.
Health Check on request Works best when you need to reassess your Salesforce setup to drive positive return on investment

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